Mambo Team

This performance team is designed for:

*dancer who has been taking classes and dancing on1 for at least couple of years

*Has fundamental knowledge and be able to apply. 

*know how to prep and double spin.

Wednesday Fundamental

Fundamental class is often mistaken as 'beginner class'. 

This is false.


What is fundamental?

All foundation patterns are created using fundamental footworks. 

All intermediate and advance moves are variation of the fundamental moves (such as basic, right turn, left turn, cross body lead, copa etc..). Ability to recognize which fundamental is used in advance move in your earlier learning stage will help you to progress in much faster pace (sharper learning curve).

Why our Fundamental class?

1. In each class, you are taught one or two moves at most. Learning a new skill is not just about obtaining knowledge (what you do), but learning application "how to do".

2. You will learn necessary "fundamental concept". Concept is an abstract idea therefor you cannot see it with your eyes. Tension, weight shift, timing, fiding one's center, and musicality are all part of the concept. 

Learning salsa is not just about learning fancy moves and styling. 

3. Last but not least, you are taught with curriculum. You will obtain essential knowledge, learn concept and application, and practice in the order which maximize your progress.

You will be given a homework for your benefit. 

**Remember, learning of any skill is like investment. What you receive for return is up to you.